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Stair Railing Systems in Goldens Bridge, NY

Railing systems tie your entire staircase together with intricate or simple detailing. We can custom-design and create each piece of your staircase and railing to fit your inspirations. We use 74 years of experience to serve homeowners with quality staircases and railings that make a statement. Whether you have a full design in mind or need some help creating your vision, we’re here to help. Call us today to schedule your initial consultation and get a free estimate.

spiral Staircase

What Makes Up a Railing System?

Many integral pieces comprise a railing system, also known as a balustrade. The balusters, spindles or pickets are the vertical components that support the railing of the staircase. Newel posts are the major support posts for the entire railing system. They’re larger and heavier than balusters, located both at the bottom and top of your staircase. We will also place newel posts at turns and critical support areas to maintain structural integrity and aid in design aesthetics. The handrail, or top rail, is the horizontal or sloping component that you hold onto for support and guidance. Rail fittings are the transitional components we use to complete the system. The most common types of rail fittings are goosenecks, volutes and turnouts. When you schedule your initial consultation with us, we’ll go over these components in more detail so you can design your perfect staircase.

What Are the Different Types of Rail Systems?

We join rail systems together by two different types. These styles depend on your personal taste. Some people prefer a certain style of rail system to break up the design or make a cohesive path. The post-to-post rail system has posts that interrupt the handrail with decorative newel posts. At Allwood Stillwell Stairs & Railings, Inc, we use custom wood rail fittings to connect the top rail to the interrupting newel posts. People prefer this rail system to introduce a bit of artistic flair to their staircase. Some people’s aesthetic styles also prefer post-to-post for their stylistic, regal structure. The other style of the rail system is over-the-post. In this system, your handrail is an uninterrupted path from top to bottom. All of your newels and balusters will be capped by the top rail, making for a very clean and polished appearance. If you prefer a sleek and minimal look to your home this is the rail system for you. If you’re not sure which rail system to choose, our design team can help you by showing off current trends and samples.

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