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At Allwood Stillwell Stairs & Railings, Inc., we can design and fabricate your new staircase in Goldens Bridge NY. We start with a design concept, working closely with you to create a focal piece for your home that you’ll love. We take care of the details, so you can focus on how you want it to look. There are three main components to design when building a staircase – the treads, risers, and stringers. We’ll go over them in more detail, so you have a bit of a leg-up when you meet with our design team. Call us today for a free estimate.

An array of stair components showcasing different parts in Golden Bridge, NY

Stair Treads

Treads are the horizontal wood surfaces commonly called steps which are the most important part of your custom staircase. We only use high-quality beautiful and sturdy wood to make our stair treads.


Risers, or kickboards, are the vertical components of your stairs that support the aforementioned treads. We construct these with the same level of professional-grade wood to guarantee strength and beauty. Risers can complement or contrast your treads to create an aesthetic statement.


Stringers bring the entire staircase together. They are the diagonal support boards that run from the top to the bottom of your staircase. Also known as carriages, they command a large portion of your staircase. Most people prefer to match their stringer with their risers for a cohesive look. However, more daring designers enjoy experimenting with new design trends to create the perfect look.

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